X1 update August 2014

Get ready for another update—starting today, your Xbox has a few new features to make things easier and more fun.

The social features are being adjusted into one continuous stream of more interesting content where you can share videos and comments with your friends, much like other social media. You can even post simple text updates, such as, “I’m playing Titanfall tonight if anyone wants to join me.” You can also check these activity feeds anytime from SmartGlass.

Also, you can now purchase content and have it automatically download on your Xbox One as long as it is set to automatically download updates. You can purchase content from the web store or SmartGlass and it will show up there.

Other updates include a low battery notification, disabled notifications during video playback, 3D blu-ray playback, and “last seen” on your friends list.

You can see what these updates look like in the video below:

Microsoft wants you to know that it is listening to your feedback to improve the Xbox One, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you want a new feature.

Source: Major Nelson