SMITE for Xbox One
for Xbox One may still be in Alpha; however, we wanted to help new players out with easing the learning curve a bit. Arena mode is one of the simplest modes for new players to the MOBA genre [If you aren’t familiar with MOBAs at all click here]. Players fight five on five inside a circular arena. Each team has minion lines and a portal. Teams start with 500 points and lose points each time one of their minions is last hit, a player is killed by the other team, or an enemy minion (or siege minion) walks into their portal.

Arena mode have a more simplistic and accelerated pace from the traditional three lane mode (conquest). Players start at level three and will generate more gold passively. It’s typically a bit quicker and chaotic as teamfights break out constantly. We’ve made a video to help new players learn the ropes. Also join us this Tuesday Night at 10PM EST -2AM EST for some Smite on Twitch. We will be happy to answer any questions, and we will have Alpha codes to give out on stream.