Xbox One

At last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, Ken Lobb from Microsoft showed off the recording features of the Xbox One with Killer Instinct. Naturally, the long-awaited fighting game is perfectly suited for sharing your epic comebacks. However, those of us who have used Halo‘s match-recording features know that it can be extremely tedious to dive through the menus and fast forward your 10-minute match to get that clip you wanted. With Killer Instinct (and every other game on Xbox One) it will be much easier.

At any time while playing Killer Instinct, you can say, “Xbox, record that.” Your Xbox One will immediately save your last 30 seconds for you to use later. Furthermore, your Xbox is always recording the last five minutes of whatever you’ve been playing. You can go into those five minutes and scrub through them to grab whatever portions of your last fight you want. You can even put that together into a short video with intro/outtro graphics, voice over, or Kinect video, instantly creating a professional-looking clip.

Considering the incredible footage amassed by fans in games like Halo that record gameplay, you can look forward to a lot of insane videos populating Xbox Live within weeks of the console’s launch.

Source: Gamespot via Polygon