Speculations have started to arise regarding the release date of the Xbox One console. A US release date of November 8 has been suggested by a source, potentially releasing before the PS4 which has a confirmed release date of November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe.

The source, a marketing company worker who deals with the product placement and signage for retailer Walmart, has shown an email announcing a company conference call, in which all of the midnight openings that they have planned for the foreseeable future are listed. Whilst the email shows a release date of November 8, it does not have the confirmed status like the other games on the list as well as the PS4.

Despite this, it has also been suggested that they aim to release the console in “late November”. According to the terms and conditions of a PepsiCo and Microsoft promotion, it initially noted a launch window of ‘late November’ as seen on NeoGAF but the term ‘late’ has since been removed, leaving gamers with the less-specific launch window of November. The promotion, called “Xbox One – Every Two Minutes” can be seen on promotional packets of Doritos and bottles of Mountain Dew. The competition involves sweepstakes and auctions to win prizes including trips and Xbox One giveaways every two minutes at

However, with conflicting reports of release dates for the Xbox One and no official word from Microsoft, it seems that customers are not any closer to a specific date, relying only on the knowledge of a November release for the next-gen console.

Source: Kotaku, every2minutes via CVG and NeoGAF