Xbox One

Back in January, XBLA Fans released an article detailing some of the updates that were coming in February for Xbox One. On February 5th, Xbox has announced that the dashboard update is being rolled out for everyone to download.

Here are the benefits coming in the update:

*Game Hubs
*Custom backgrounds and tile transparency
*TV Updates

The details are covered here for your reading leisure.

For the other updates, keep on reading below.

*Controller Updates:

The controller used to take about four to five seconds to connect to the Xbox One console. Now its been updated to connect in about two seconds. The update also addresses disconnect issues that were brought up by Xbox One users.

To download a controller update, use a USB cable and connect the Xbox One controller to the console. Go to My games & apps, Apps, Settings, Devices & accessories and select the controller.

*Party chat updates:

1. Chat connection status: New icons were added to inform you know about the current status of the chat connection in your party. A clock means the connection to the party is being made. A Squawker Ring means the connection was successful and let you know who is speaking. An X means that network connections are limited (such as a strict NAT connection) and preventing chat connections from connecting successfully.
2. “Improved connectivity between multiple participants with Strict or Moderate NATs.”
3. Game and Party invitations: Invitations will tell you immediately what those invitations are for without having to wait for text to scroll.
4. Performance improvements: Party chats take less time to connect and altered the way connection tries to reconnect to a party chat.

These Xbox One updates are for the month of February. Who knows what the future will bring?

Source: Xbox Wire