Xbox One

When Achievements first appeared on the Xbox 360, they started to change the way people played. No longer was finishing a game enough, Achievements encouraged gamers to experiment with aspects of games that they normally wouldn’t have been exposed to and to compete with other gamers for coveted Gamerscore points. Achievements added longevity to games and were incredibly addicting, eventually inspiring trophies for PlayStation games and Steam Achievements for PC titles available on Valve’s distribution platform. Even mobile platforms, like Google Play Games on Android, have added achievements.

For the Xbox One, Microsoft has stepped up the graphical interface associated with Achievements. Mike Ybarra, the Partner Studio Manager at Microsoft Studios, tweeted a picture of the updated Achievement page for the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome, featuring in-game screenshots associated with each Achievement, rather than the small icons for Achievements on the Xbox 360:

Moreover, Ybarra also showed that selecting a single Achievement to view resulted in a full-screen version of the Achievement screenshot as well as the Achievement description and the progress made towards that Achievement: