Gamers can get their hands on one-year subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold for a reduced price right now over on Amazon and Newegg. Prices have been marked down by 40 percent from $59.99 to $35.99 USD. The barrier of entry for three-month membership has also fallen: Amazon has trimmed the price point for one-fourth of a year down to $19.16, while New Egg is asking for a scant bit more at $19.99. (Three-month cards normally retail for $24.99.)

As Joystiq points out, the one-year sale price on New Egg is limited to five cards per customer. That means that you can finally get your bum friends to play online with you, or set yourself up for the foreseeable future. Of course, that’s only a route to be explored by those who like to live dangerously.

Source: Joystiq