On December 21st, Microsoft will be kicking off 11 days of sales on the Xbox Marketplace.  Last year’s countdown to the new year sale was a huge success and this year’s sale promises to be even bigger.  It will cover less time but offer more items.  Last year, the sale was 1 deal per day for 20 days.  This year, there will be 3 deals per day for 11 days.

The sales will feature one avatar item, one movie on Zune, and 1 XBLA game/game add-on every day.  A few hints were released in the newest edition of OXM which leads me to believe that 3 of the XBLA games participating in the sale will be Haunted House, Monday Night Combat, and Perfect Dark.  That’s just my guess given the clues, I could be wrong.  What do all of you think?

– Are you afraid of the dark?
– Fly to the rescue in outer space!
– Keep your hat on and don’t stop shooting.
– Turn up the volume to get down.

– Act your age, whatever that is.
– Become a hero, that’s not super…
– It’s lonely, being the last person on Earth.

– Turn out the lights for this delight!
– What a way to start the week!
– Work with Elvis in this classic!

Also as a reminder, if you are short on points, make sure you check your balance before you go buying a point card.  A few of my friends along with myself all just received our 1600 point bonuses from the Xbox Live Renewal sale in October.  You may have more points available than you think ;)