Gamasutra editor Ryan Langley has posted their May sales analysis of Xbox Live Arcade titles. For those unfamiliar with the process they come to these numbers by analyzing the leaderboards for each game, as sales figures are not made public. Occasionally the leaderboards are too difficult to follow or a game does not have them at all, but for the most part it gives a fairly accurate view of how Xbox Live Arcade titles are doing. Be sure to watch for their summer and end-of-year sales, as those encompass every title they can follow; monthly sales reports are just highlights.

This month four titles were followed. Bangai-O HD brought in almost 8,200 players in its first four weeks. That’s not bad for a bullet hell shooter. Gatling Gears had a higher 9,300+ following, having also had one less week of sales. Star Raiders, released the same week as Gatling Gears showed poor sales with less than 1,500 units sold. But topping them all was Sega Rally Online Arcade, which sold an impressive 11,000+ copies in only two weeks. For more sales numbers check out Gamasutra’s Xbox Live Arcade sales analysis here.