If domain registrations are any indication, the follow-up to the Xbox 360 will be called Xbox Fusion.  A list, discovered and compiled by Fusible, shows not only belonging to Microsoft and redirecting to, but also numerous variants like and, indicating that something major will use that name.  Microsoft has had trouble in the past with domain squatters, who previously beat them to and, so registering the main site and all its flavors could be a way of avoiding that kind of embarrassment.

The other rumored names of the next-generation of Xbox, such as Infinity, 720, and Durango, have not been scooped up by Microsoft, making these titles unlikely to be used.  However, just because has been registered, does not necessarily mean that it is the name of the next console; it could be a service on the console, a new game or IP, or turn out to be nothing at all.  Naturally, only time will tell what the true name of the successor to the Xbox is, but the wait should not be that long.  Microsoft’s pre-E3 press event, scheduled for May 21st, is expected to contain the reveal of the next Xbox and the answers we are all anxiously awaiting.

Source: Fusible via Joystiq