The internet is awash with reports of Xbox 360 achievements being zeroed as well as records of Xbox activity being erased. Concerned gamers have bombarded the official Microsoft support Twitter account since early this morning with Microsoft stating that they were looking into the issue.

The problem appears to be rife; if you’ve fired up your Xbox only to be greeted with a sobering 0G, Microsoft has posted a potential fix. A company support person took to the Xbox support forums with the following advice:

“If you’re missing achievements, please try signing out of Xbox LIVE, then sign back in. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, then you will need to re-download your profile. Please note that this will remove any achievements you might have earned since the issue began, however, they can be re-earned.”

Microsoft claims the issue is now resolved and XBLAFans can confirm the re-download fix has worked on at least one profile. Instructions on how to re-download your profile can be found here.