Today two new titles were added to the XBLA library. First there is Yar’s Revenge which is an action/rail shooter where you attempt to exact revenge on Qotile race and save your kind from extinction. The game sells for 800MS points and contains local co-op. Also releasing today is Might & Magic Clash of Heroes which is a puzzle game with RPG elements. Online and local battle modes for up to 4 players have been included along with a 20 hour campaign. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes sells for 1200MS points. Aside from new releases, 2 DLC packs were also released today for some older XBLA titles. First is the Raskulls Reinforcements pt. 2 DLC pack. Included are 4 new multiplayer characters, 1 new grand prix and 3 new achievements. The Reinforcements pt. 2 pack sells for 160MS points. Last is  the final DLC installment for Lode Runner called the Journey Expansion pack. The DLC pack includes new single player and co-op campaigns each adding 40 levels to the mix. The Journey Expansion pack sells for 240MS points.