We’re now entering August with our middle title in this year’s Summer of Arcade with Tequila Works’ Deadlight. This 2D action/platformer combines elements of Limbo and Shadow Complex for a unique take on the combined genres. You play as Randall Wayne in a post-apocalyptic Seattle in 1986, the world is overrun by a zombie-like creature known as Shadows. The purpose of the game isn’t to run and shoot but rather survive and run from battles in order to ensure you live to see your family and friends. You can read our review or try the trial out for yourself to see if it’s worth the points. Deadlight retails for 1200 MSP and watch the XBLA Wednesday show to see Todd incur the zombie apocalypse and showing you the latest promotional track for the game that RedLynx has developed in Trials Evolution plus what’s going on this week in the Sales and Specials app (for US and UK regions only).