In the mood for solving crime or beating up thugs for messing up your hair? XBLA Wednesday has got something for both of those appetites this week. First up, Double Dragon Neon is the throwback brawler from Majesco and WayForward. Based on the original Double Dragon but now with more 80s flair and mullets to go alongside your punches and spin kicks. It retails for 800 MSP and we’ll have a review shortly.

Rounding out today is Lexis Numerique’s Red Johnson’s Chornicles, an adventure game similar in vein of Telltale’s games but more film noir. Red Johnson is best private investigator until his brother has been abducted and you have a price on your head that you’ll need to avoid. You can grab it at 800 MSP. Whether it’s beating up in the 80’s or solving mysteries now, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.


The Russia Under Siege DLC for Dogfight 1942 was also released on Wednesday for a whopping 800 MSP.