We got something for hedgehog lovin’ speed-freaks and something for you music lovers out there in today’s XBLA Wednesday. First up is the return of Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II for 1200 MSP. Go across 4 new stages of zones with Tails along your way to stop Metal Sonic and Eggman. If you’ve purchased Episode I and purchasing Episode II, you’ll get a bonus episode where you play as Metal Sonic through Episode I stages.

Second up today is Jam Live Music Arcade for 800 MSP. The game lets you feel the music with your controller or Guitar Hero/Rock Band controllers and get the highest points with some great songs from Modest Mouse and Atmosphere. This game is also only available in NA marketplace currently. Whether you want to run real fast or rock out real fast, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.

Just a reminder as well that Dragon’s Lair will also be out this Friday, May 18.