This week on XBLA there are two new games and a few new DLC packs.  Zooming up first is the new release Joe Danger: Special Edition. It’s a re-release of the original (PSN) with a few new spices added, including an entire set of challenging new levels called the laboratory, all for a mere 1200 MSP. Next in line is that speedy little blue hedgehog taking us even further back in time with Sonic CD. This nostalgic adventure marks the first time we met Metal Sonic and can be yours for just 400 MSP.

Also rolling our way is the new Pinball FX 2 table pack Vengeance and Virtue for 800 MSP. Included are four new tables: Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor and X-Men. Charging in behind that is Orcs Must Die!: Lost Adventures for 320 MSP which adds 50 new skulls, two new enemies and five new trap choices. Magic the Gathering: 2012 gets Deck Expansion Pack 2 which offers two new decks and several new cards for the existing decks. It runs a reasonable 240 MSP. Not to mention, we got some Bastion DLC called The Stranger’s Dream which includes a new narrated sequence and two gameplay modes, all for 80 MSP. In the holiday spirit you can also get the new Fruit Ninja: Holiday Pack for free, so make sure to get your points ready and set some time aside for this mass of new content to play.