Do you have a favourite sport? If it’s baseball or if it’s pinball (it’s definitely a sport), then look no further than today’s XBLA Wednesday. First up, Diabolical Pitch finally hits home for all you Kinect loving fans out there. The game is brought to us by Suda 51 & gang at Grasshopper Manufacture and is an on-rails shooter of sorts except you’re throwing baseballs within a haunted carnival with tiger creatures. The game will set you back 800 MSP.

Next up, we got The Pinball Arcade which has what else…pinball. With tables based on Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and Creature from the Black Lagoon, you’ll find some weird tables compared to what you’ve seen in Pinball FX 2. The Pinball Arcade should set you back 800 MSP. Whether it’s throwing baseballs at tiger creatures or shooting pinballs at genies, there’s something for everyone this XBLA Wednesday.