Please excuse the irony of the title, but at XBLA Fans, we love Monday Night Combat. The only problem is that we have more free time on Wednesday.

We are really passionate about games. Heck, we spend our free time writing about them. But there is nothing better than actually playing them. We want to extend an invitation to you, our readers to come join us for a night of fast paced fun playing Monday Night Combat.

We will be on Xbox Live Wednesday, August 18th from 9 PM to 11PM EST. If you can join us for even part of this time period we would love to have you. To participate, just add one (or more!) of the following names on Xbox Live:

a lumpy fetus
EliTe X FactoR

If for some reason one person’s list fills up, add another person. If you can’t find an empty slot leave a comment here and we will clean out some room just for you. Make sure to check out our review when it gets posted later today.