Comic Jumper

So Comic Jumper is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday the 6th. The game is absolutely hilarious. Our full review for Comic Jumper just went up today. We have talked with some of the awesome people working on the game, and they’ve agreed to give us two codes for the game, which we are in turn giving to you all.

To win the code, please leave a humorous caption for our image in the comments below. We will pick a winner on Monday October 11th. You may enter once per day, but in order to be able to win, you will need to be a registered fan of the site. To do that, you need to register with an email and username at the top right of our page.

For an additional chance to win please tweet the following message. Enter The @XBLAFans Caption Contest for a chance to win a Comic Jumper code! (RT for a bonus entry!) #CJump

Contest is closed, congradulations to the winners:

Caption: Night after night, Captain felt suffocated in that apartment with her. The romance had long since waned and resentment was growing. He blamed her for the loss of his friends, his career, and ultimately his happiness. These late nights on the roof were the closest he could get to solitude. Even with Star tagging along, the roof was a quiet place, he knew these moments were important to the Captain. However, this wasn’t a typical night, and when those Bradbots showed up something snapped in the captain, sending him into a vicious downward spiral of rage from which he might never recover.

— louiedog