A few days ago, Polygon posted an interview with Iron Galaxy Studios CEO Dave Lang, who released the XBLA game Wreckateer during this year’s Summer of Arcade promotion. Chief among the points raised by Lang is his belief in a “Kinect tax” in the gaming media — a belief that games utilizing the Kinect interface receive “wildly varied reviews,” partly because “some players and reviewers dislike using the Kinect peripheral.”

The use of Kinect lends itself to different gaming experiences than a more traditional controller. That being said, XBLA Fans certainly did not mind Wreckateer’s use of Kinect. In the discussion of the game, we mentioned that Wreckateer “may be the best Kinect game ever,” and that compared to the other games in the Summer of Arcade, “it’s the second best game after Dust this year.”

You can find our full discussion of Wreckateer here.  Regardless of your thoughts on the game, do you think that Kinect games are viewed differently than other XBLA titles?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Polygon