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Milestone S.r.l., the Italian developer behind the last three WRC: FIA World Rally Championship games, is bringing the series to Xbox LIVE Arcade. WRC Powerslide will be a bit of a departure from the cockpit-view rally simulations the team is known for. It instead borrows elements from top-down arcade racers like the Micro Machines series, TNT Racers, Bang Bang Racing, and Wrecked: Revenge Revisited. Up to four players will be able to compete in a given race, with online play confirmed. Powerups will be littered across the tracks to provide that extra edge when trash talking the competition.

What will set Powerslide apart from its competitors is its real-world base. Fifty-three crews from 41 teams will be available, with 12 different cars to choose from, each officially licensed by the WRC. Players can traverse 24 special stages (rally courses), one of the largest sets of tracks ever seen in an XBLA game. A few details have yet to be confirmed; we’ll be reaching out to the publisher for comment.