At Gamescom, Microsoft announced three new bundles for the Xbox One to be released this holiday season. One of these bundles has been teased previously — it celebrates the upcoming Sunset Overdrive, and we now know it includes a snazzy snow-white Xbox One with a white wireless controller in addition to a digital Day One Edition copy of Sunset Overdrive. We now have a date and price — the bundle will cost $399 and will launch alongside the game on October 28.

Two other bundles were also announced — one for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which includes a chat headset and 1TB hard drive in addition to a digital Day Zero edition of the game (which includes custom sound-effects among other things) for $499, and a European exclusive bundle including FIFA 15 for £349.99/€399.99, which mirrors the already-announced Madden 15 bundle for players in the United States.  Those bundles will launch November 3rd and September 25, respectively.


Source: Xbox Wire