This is a new piece we’re starting to let our readers know what we have been playing for fun over the past week.

John Laster – Finishing off Outland and still really enjoying it. This summer will be full of gaming, as I take a break from school (just graduated from UCF) before entering Law School at the University of Florida.

Steve Melton – Finally got Portal 2 – going to go through the co-op campaign this weekend with my brother in law.

Tyler Cameron – Still without Portal 2, but have been enjoying Battlefield 1943 and Outland instead.

Andrew Crews – This week I went through Outland, which is a great game. I also started playing through the Portal 2 co-op campaign and you can believe the hype. Portal 2 is amazing no matter how you play it.

James Heiger – I finally finished Mass Effect 2. Now I need to start the Black Ops campaign for the first time. And by the way, Outrun Arcade‘s time attack mode is crushing me right now.

Perry Jackson – Not a whole lot, just a daily 10 minute game of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX every day for the past week and just started a new game of Red Dead Redemption because L.A. Noire is coming out so soon (albeit 3 discs on the 360).

Stephen Haberman – I had a lot of fun playing Outland for review. So, going forward, I am playing some Tiny Wings, the Gears of War 3 beta, MLB 11 The Show, but focusing on Portal 2 this weekend.