What we are playing is a weekly column published on Sunday. Various members of the team let the world know which games have had them hooked over the past week and which they’re looking forward to.

Nick DePetris – I’ve been PAXin’ it up this weekend, with some favorites being Battleblock Theater, Super Time Force, Quantum Conundrum, Crimson Dragon, and Wreckateer. Before coming to Boston I finished up Psychonauts on Steam, which immediately jumped onto my list of favorite games.

Nick Santangelo – Started out the week by finally completing the Gears of War 3 campaign, and I really enjoyed it. Then it was off to Boston for PAX East on Thursday. I’ve played a lot of great titles already, such as Rock Band Blitz, Black Knight Sword, Battleblock Theater, Charlie Murder, Monaco, Runner 2, Super Time Force, Go Home Dinosaurs, Deadlight, Mark of the Ninja and Bloodforge. And there’s still one more day to go!

Ross Adams – Randomly went back and played some Red Dead Redemption, both the multiplayer and finished up Undead Nightmare. Forgot what a fun game that is, the world is just amazing. I get a lot of pleasure from just trotting around on my horse. Also went back to Star Wars The Old Republic, played many many hours of that on Friday. The merging of single player RPG elements and MMO really is brilliant, love it.

Christine Mitchell – This week I’ve been playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, looking forward to the free DLC next week for that. I also cracked open Bastion for the first time. It’s been scandalously sitting unplayed on my hard drive for a while now.

Matt Liparota – Between “real world” news stuff going on at my day job and a couple of personal things, I hardly had time to even think about gaming. The best I could muster was some Angry Birds and Netflix on my Xbox. Way jealous of my co-workers at PAX this weekend.

Nathan Bowring – I may not have been able to have an amazing PAX adventure, but I did get to adventure through Skyrim. All I can say is, I finally understand the whole “arrow to the knee” thing.

Mark Seymour – I caved and snatched the Silent Hill HD Collection for 16 queen pounds. “HD” and “Collection” are terms to be used loosely but it’s a testament to the quality of both games that even after the lacklustre port/remake, they’re both still class. Konami should take more pride in their work though, especially when dealing with something as prestigious as Silent Hill 2.

Tell us, what have you been playing?