There’s plenty of choice for players looking to pick up a new game today as Dogos a classic shoot’em-up with modern technological elements, Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas a new action role-playing game and Awesomenatus Assemble a new Xbox One multiplayer online battle arena game all release today.

Dogos is a shmup with 3D graphics and dynamic camera vision, what this means is that players can move freely through each level all while shooting down enemies in classic shmup fashion. Take control of Desmond Phoenix, a talented pilot, that aims to take down a race of bio-mechanical beings called Zeetnuks with a one of a kind ship that combines human and alien engineering. Dogos can be bought here for $11.99.

Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas on a quest to find one’s father in Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas. There’s plenty of opportunities for fights and discoveries over the course of the journey all of which is accomplished while listening to the game’s composition done by Nobuo Uematsu, from Final Fantasy, and Kenji Ito, from Seiken Densetsu. Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas can be purchased here for $14.99.

Awesomenauts originally debuted in 2012 on the Xbox 360 but the series makes a return to the Xbox One today with Awesomenauts Assemble. The new game brings all of the changes that have occurred on PC over the last few years to Xbox One as well plenty of new characters. It still features it’s classic 2D MOBA gameplay that made it so unique when it first released. Awesomenauts Assemble can be purchased here for $9.99.