Today saw the release of two very different but also extremely fast-paced games. HoPiKo and The Bug Butcher now available on Xbox One for purchase. The former is for those looking for a new platforming challenge and the latter is better suited for those looking for a new kind of shoot’em up compared to what has been recently released.

Jump from platform to platform in the speed run based HoPiKo. Players must work to save their brothers, and thus gaming, from the evil Nanobyte virus that was released into the world. There are hundreds of levels to memorize on the way to victory and a chiptune soundtrack to keep the spirits up when the going gets tough. With minimal controls the twitch-based gameplay flows smoothly as players sprint from level to level. HoPiKo can be purchased here for $6.99.

In The Bug Butcher explore the infested research facility on planet Zoit as Harry a friendly exterminator looking to save the scientists that are still alive from the dangerous bugs inside. The game is a 2D side scrolling shoot’em up that derives a lot of inspiration from the classic arcade shooter Super Pang. Players can clear each room on a solo mission or they can bring a friend along with two player local co-op. The Bug Butcher can be purchased here for $9.99.