Another Wednesday, another round-up of the day’s new releases. There is only one new ID@Xbox release for this Wednesday, October 18, following on from a rather more busy release schedule yesterday.

TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition

Today’s new release is TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- from developer FullPowerSideAttack. TorqueL is a puzzle-platformer where the object of the game is to get your cube to the destination. The walls of the cube can be extended on each of the controller’s face button, letting the player rotate the cube, stay out of harm’s way, and even launch the cube into the air. TorqueL is available on the Microsoft Store with a regular price of $9.99 but for launch day has been discounted to $7.99.

As always, if you’re looking for more games to play, take a look at Tuesday’s new releases (which includes a giveaway) or this week’s Deals with Gold and other discounts.