The first of two new exciting releases today is Poi from Polykid. Poi is a 3D platformer which follows two kids exploring the Milky Way Globe while they journey to become Master Explorers. Along the way there are sure to be countless challenges, memorable friends and comical creatures to encounter. Can the two children of Poi become Master Explorers with the help of the player? Poi can be purchased here for $19.99.

The other new game today is Crazy Strike Bowling EX from Corecell Technology. Roll strikes as a wide variety of fun-filled characters on bowling lanes from the Amazon forest to the pyramids of Egypt. Each character has a special move to assist in knocking down every pin and to insure the victory against friends in both an exhibition and battle mode. The game supports up to four players for local multiplayer and encourages as many friends to play together as possible. Crazy Strike Bowling EX is available for purchase here for $12.99.