The critically acclaimed indie game Stardew Valley and 2D puzzle platformer Feist released today for Xbox One.

Players can start a new life in Stardew Valley after being given a plot of land as an inheritance. With just a few hand-me-down tools and a little bit of money it’s possible to go from surviving off of the land to thriving off of the land. There’s more to do on the farm than just plant crops as animals need to be raised, machines need to be build, and caves need to be explored. Stardew Valley hopes to get players involved in their communities through learning each neighbor’s intricacies and helping to put Stardew Valley back on the map. Stardew Valley is available for purchase here for $14.99.

Feist is a new 2D puzzle platforming game with stylish visuals and a breathtaking original soundtrack by Tomek Kolcyznski. Players will explore forests, mountains, caves, and swamps in a true test of survival as creatures will be watching every move made and traps lay in abundance. Feist is available for purchase here for $9.99.