Have you heard of Stardew Valley? You know, that game in which you inherit your grandfather’s old farm. The one where you’re tasked with creating a new life for yourself by cleaning up the land, raising crops and cattle, and potentially turning a profit. The one in which you are armed with only your bare hands, a few used tools, and a little coin, The game that allows your hard work and dedication to determine your success. If you immediately think that the whole premise sounds awfully familiar to Harvest Moon, you’re right. By comparison, Stardew Valley is a phenomenal take on the formula made popular by Harvest Moon.

Stardew Valley, which arrived on Xbox One back in December 2016 just recently presented players with a new trailer announcing the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update. The trailer shows us the excitement of what looks to be  4-player co-op. The ability to build separate houses for your friends, along with several different activities that you and your friends can participate in, such as horseback riding, fishing and of course normal activities like farming and mining. The update is planned to hit PC on August 1st, whereas Xbox One is currently listed as coming soon. Hopefully, the closer the update gets to being ready, a more accurate release date will be announced. For now, feel free to check out the trailer for the update below.