There’s plenty of new releases to get excited about today so let’s dive right in. First up is Sine Mora EX from Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. Sine Mora EX brings the gorgeous side-scrolling shoot’em up action that Sine Mora fans love as well as plenty of upgrades to the game. For anyone that missed Sine Mora on the Xbox 360, the game mixes it’s shoot-em up gameplay with contemporary story telling and provides players plenty of options for taking on each stage. With over 50 different weapon combinations and a myriad of ways to manipulate time Sine Mora aims to keep players coming back to stages again and again. In addition to the classic gameplay, Sine Mora EX also features improvements such as a 16:9 aspect ration, full English voice overs, local two player co-op in the Story mode and a number of other modes and challenge levels. Sine Mora EX can be purchased here for $19.99.

Next up is BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition from FiolaSoft Studios. In this 2D puzzle-platformer players take control of a member of the spaceship Endera after being sucked into a blackhole and waking up on what seems to be a planet, referred to as Entity. As the only living member from the ship in sight  players will team up with Auriel, the sarcastic AI that ran the ship before the disaster. By working together players can salvage the ship, save the ship-mates and close the black hole to prevent future disasters. The only things standing in the way gravity a variety of gravity-defying puzzles and traps and a host of mysterious locations. BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition can be purchased here for $14.99.

Finally is the first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within from Telltale Games. This episode kicks off the second season of Telltale’s Batman – The Telltale Series and has Batman squaring off against the Riddler to protect Gotham City. In addition to the mayhem being caused by the Riddler, the Joker is also back in town and looking to cause trouble. Outside of the classic Batman villains, Bruce Wayne also has to worry about a ruthless federal agent that just arrived in Gotham City. Batman: The Enemy Within‘s first episode can be purchased here for $4.99 or the entire season can be purchased here for $24.99. The entire season includes the other four episodes of the season as they release.