We know some of you are having issues with the site, specifically with older  posts. Basically when you click Older Posts you get taken back to July 14 of this year, the day we switched to a new server.

We know it’s annoying, and we don’t want to lose you as a reader. In fact, we want your help to get some data on the issue as we’re having a tough time nailing down what is wrong. What we need is a post in the comments below (see the end of this post for what we need). In exchange we’ll give away one XBLIG code for every 10 unique posts (read: not spam). Be sure to log in to the comment system via Twitter so we have a way to contact you directly. (You also need to be following us on Twitter so we can DM you the code)

Here’s what we need:

Having problem with page 2: (Yes/No)

Operating System: (Windows XP, Mac OS X, Android, etc)

Browser type and version: (Firefox 3.6.2, Internet Explorer 8, etc)

Once you have that post up, try the flushing the DNS cache by doing the following:

Next clear your browser’s cache. See instructions for your browser here. Once you’ve completed both steps reply to your own post and tell us if you are still having the issue. Please note that the  more replies we have for those who tried this  solution the easier it is to diagnose so these replies count towards your chance to earn an XBLIG game.

We truly appreciate you as our readers, and we mean that. We often talk about the community. Please help us fix this annoying issue for everyone!