Green Drone Dread

These guys are pretty straightforward. They shoot out little “feeler” balls if you will. Get hit by one and the drone will chase you until it explodes, just outrun it and you’ll be fine. The easier solution is to not get hit, thereby not having to do anything.

Note: Going upstairs requires pressing up. Might not be obvious.

Spiders of Pain and Sorrow

Well these guys are no fun, they don’t fire lasers, but they’re scary. If they catch you with a jump, they can be thrown off by twitching the stick. This big room with the spiders is divided by a big wall. Get to the other side (there’s a ladder there) then drop down to the ledge with the crate. Push the crate to the end, it’ll go through the floor and then so will you (not all at once or you’ll die).

Level Three: Edgeware Road
Level One: Paddington Station