Running time!

Just run. Seriously. Just… just run like crazy. Eventually you’ll come to a massively huge wall, which you’ll press yourself up against desperately. Don’t run back, just wait for him to throw a car at it.

Heatray time!

Running time or hiding time, or, really, both. Get behind the big wall, after the tripod fires its laser three times, then get to running! You can also run to the next small ledge and roll towards it to hide behind it, but this is far riskier.

Heatrays again!

Just after the first broken building is a small ledge or series of ledges you can hide behind. It all depends on how far you get, really what happens is the tripod fires three times without moving. As long as you dodge, just run right after until the next salvo. It’ll always be in threes. You should be done with the level in three sets of three.

Level Four: Bathurst Mews & Bayswater Road
level Two: Sussex Grarden