It seems that orcs not only have to die, but they do in a variety of ways.  Wall blades have been featured in the newest trap spotlight video, a trap which springs blades out of the wall and into the orcs, slicing them into fine bits. The trap works best in close quarters or during an onslaught, but the video shows you can carry and drop orcs into the trap, or throw them into the trap from a distance. No telling if walking in front of them will hurt you.

A new enemy was also announced, called gnoll hunters, and it turns out those must die too. These vicious beasts looks bigger, tougher, and faster than your standard orc, so thankfully a video was released showing some strategy on how to take them down. Freezing, shooting, and close-quarter sword fighting prove to be valuable tactics in slaying the beasts. Get ready to use wall blades and fight gnoll hunters when Orcs Must Die! releases this summer.