The folks over at Giant Bomb were lucky enough to sit down with Brad Muir of Double Fine Productions and get their hands on the new Iron Brigade DLC, Rise of the Martian Bear. Lucky for us, they were kind enough to record their time with the game, and share it with the world. While there’s a plethora of sights to behold in the footage (which can be viewed above), expect to see Mars, several new enemy types, jaw dropping new weapons , new outfits (including Eddie Riggs of Brutal Legend fame) as well as dual-wielding salutes! Now you can annoy your friends on the deck of the U.S.S. McKinley with both hands!

While Double Fine and Microsoft officially remain mum on a release date and pricing for Rise of the Martian Bear, rumor has it that development on the DLC has been completed. We’re hoping that means it’s been submitted to Microsoft for certification and will be smashing its way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace very soon. On the subject of pricing however, Muir infers that Double Fine is aiming for a 400 Microsoft Point price tag which should definitely excite fans. Don your space suit and stay tuned for more coverage of Rise of the Martian Bear right here at XBLAFans.

Source: Giant Bomb