A video game, especially an independently developed one, that doesn’t have any combat in it isn’t as unusual a find in 2016 as it once was. But certain types of games, like side-scrolling platformers, still carry with them the expectation that there will be some sort of fighting, probably occasionally against large and/or powerful level bosses.

Yesterday, Coldwood Interactive removed that expectation for Unravel, which doesn’t have boss fights — or any fights, for that matter.

“No, there aren’t bosses,” Coldwood Interactive Creative Director said yesterday in a video response to fan questions. “There’s no fighting in Unravel. It’s not a ‘fighty game.’

“There are some dangerous creatures, because Yarny is kind of small and fragile, so pretty much anything can be a danger. But it’s not about conquering things. It’s more about finding the clever and peaceful path around. That’s how you solve problems.”

Unraveled was first revealed at E3 2015, instantly becoming one of the most popular indie announcements of the show. Publisher Electronic Arts recently announced that it would release on February 9 for $19.99 on Xbox One.

Source: @unravel_game