It’s been a while since we heard from Undead Labs on the progress of their highly ambitious XBLA zombie thriller, Class3, however it seems that while the game is definitely still alive, it will no longer feature multiplayer co-op on release. New Community Manager Sanya Weathers, dropped the bombshell during a Q&A on the developers new forums stating:

“Since we plan to rapidly build a massively multiplayer online world around the Class3 design foundation, we decided to defer co-op play in Class3. Our hope is to add co-op play to Class3 during the development of Class4, but for now Class3 will be a single-player experience.

We wanted to let you know what the deal was as soon as we knew. While we are extremely happy with the way the game has come together around our core design goals — strategic base building, slick combat, open-world sandbox, survival simulation — we’re of course disappointed we couldn’t get co-op play in for release, so we’ll understand if you are too.”

Weathers also went on to say during further forum chat that whilst they’re certainly keen to add multiplayer to Class3 later on it’s not a sure thing:

“Class4 is a massively multiplayer game. Since we’ll be building co-op for that, our logic is that we should be able (at that time) to put it into Class3. But we’re being deliberately vague and saying things like “hope” instead of “promise” because I’m meeeeeeeeeeean.

Class4 is going to be the cube to the Class3 square. So there is still PLENTY for us to learn, and we may even do a better job, without the complication of co-op.”

However it’s not all doom and gloom, Weathers also revealed that Class3 is now in the alpha stages of development, meaning it’s now fully playable but has yet to be tested for bugs. The game will be story driven, but with a massive scope and players will still be able to continue playing after completion in the sandbox style world. There will be around 50 named characters each with their own backgrounds, traits, hang-ups, and desires, and every building is said to be enterable unless damaged. Players can barricade and secure buildings after they’ve cleared them out and claimed them as an Outpost. Any buildings under your control then create a radius of protection around the building and immediate area.

Strategy features highly in the gameplay and players will need to manage their resources and fuel. There is talk of being able to grow vegetables and fishing, hunting and raising livestock may be available in later add-ons. As for weapons, whilst they can be created, they will be strictly realism based and the team are currently said to be working on a weapon maintenance system with more details to be announced later. Weathers also announced that they will be attending the upcoming Pax Prime event, though there was no mention of whether fans would be able to play Class3, she did say however that those who turn up in a zombie costume would receive some free “swag”.

Source: Undead Labs