It’s pretty hard to ignore the two behemoths in the room in the form of FIFA 18 and Middle Earth Shadow of War, but there are also a couple of indie games releasing along side them.

First up is Deadbeat Heroes from the Square Enix Collective. London’s Super Heroes are gone, and the “Deadbeat Heroes” must save the day in this 3D brawler. Armed with a special gauntlet that lets the heroes steal others powers, the Deadbeat Heroes must travel across 35 levels throughout London. The game offers single player and local 2-player co-op. Deadbeat Heroes is out now for $14.99

Danger Zone from Three Fields Entertainment Ltd is out now on Xbox One. Three Fields previously released Dangerous Golf on Xbox One. Danger Zone is a 3D vehicular destruction game based around the concept of crashing for the highest scores possible. Welcome to your virtual crash testing facility. The game utilizes the unreal engine and what sounds like some of the best aspects of Dangerous Golf as “smash breakers” are back. There are 32 different levels with leaderboards and high scores. Danger Zone is out now for $14.99.


Last up is Raid: World War II from Starbreeze Publishing. Players will take on the role of a member of the RAID gang and fight their way through Europe during the height of German Occupation. John Cleese voices Control, the main point of contact for the squad. Players will be able to use different classes, skills and weapon mods as they fight along iconic locations in Europe. Raid: World War II is out now for $39.99.