It’s the first Tuesday in November and alongside it are five new indie releases. First up today sees the release of Grip: Combat Racing, a racing game that with some interesting verticality and combat. The Shapeshifting Detective is a murder-mystery FMV game. Brawlhalla is a new platform battler game. World of Final fantasy Maxima is a battle/monster capture role-playing game set in the Final Fantasy Universe. Finally today, we see the release of Carnival Gamesthe hit carnival game simulator remade without the requirements of Kinect.

Get ready for Grip, a high-speed combat racer that takes you off the track and up the walls and across the ceiling. Take on a variety of different tracks as you perform tricks and stunts in an attempt to master the races of the universe. Featuring Xbox One X enhancements, online multiplayer between two to ten players, or local multiplayer up to four players. Grip: Combat Racing is available today on Xbox One for $39.99. The game is also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Take the role of a shapeshifting detective in this murder mystery FMV game that takes supernatural-noir to the next level. After the murder of Dorota Shaw, you are sent to interrogate the prime suspects, three tarot readers. Shapeshift into other characters and unlock secret conversations and various encounters. Featuring over 1600 full HD video response and a randomly chosen murderer at each start of the game. The Shapeshifting Detective is available now on Xbox one for $12.99.

This isn’t a rumble; it’s a straight-up brawl! Queue up against 8 players online or locally and battle for victory. Brawlhalla features everything from casual to ranked and even custom rooms. Choose from 30 different legends and enter the battle arena to assert your brawling dominance. Best of all, Brawlhalla is available on Xbox One for free!

World of Final Fantasy Maxima finally makes its way to Xbox One two years after release. Featuring beloved characters from Final Fantasy games and a large variance of capturable monsters. World of Final Fantasy Maxima tells an exciting story and features battles to take on as classic Final Fantasy heroes. World of Final Fantasy Maxima features Xbox One X enhancements and online multiplayer up to two players. World of Final Fantasy Maxima is available now on Xbox One for $39.99.

The carnival makes its way around again, this time without Kinect. Carnival Games reintroduces fan-favorite and new mini-games all in one package. Play alone or in local multiplayer with four other players. Be the first to hit home runs, run your horse rampant to the finish line, or stack the most amount of cakes. With over 20 total mini-games to experience. Carnival Games is available today on Xbox One for $39.99