Last week may have been a bit lacking when it came to indie game new releases but this week seems to be starting off on a different note with Abzu and Wand Wars releasing today on Xbox One.

The first game, Abzu, comes from the artistic mind behind Journey and Flower and allows players to go on a deep underwater diving adventure. As players dive deeper with fluid acrobatics as the Diver they discover new and unique species of aquatic life, form a connection with the lifeforms and interact with numerous large schools of fish. There are long forgotten secrets and danger around every corner in the aquatic world of Abzu; it is up to the Diver to uncover them all. Abzu is available for purchase here for the price of $19.99.

The other release today is Wand Wars and it is the first game that Moonradish Inc. has launched. Players grab brooms and then ride them over arenas in order to participate in a fast-paced, top-down, magical sport. The goal of the competition is to turn opponents into lovely little chickens by way of casting arcane spells all while trying to contain a magical sphere that bounces around the arena steadily getting faster and larger. Players can play through the main story, practice battles in the Endless Trials and fight against the computer or friends in the multiplayer modes of Wand Wars. All of the multiplayer is local so get those controllers ready and clear some room on the couch. Wand Wars is available to purchase here for $11.99.