It feels like August just started not but a few days ago, and here we are already near the end of the month. These few titles released today are the last few we will see released on a Tuesday in August. Today sees the releases of Splash Blast Panic, a competitive party game about knocking your opponent outside the screen limits with water gunsPro Evolution Soccer 2019 is the go-to soccer game for hardcore soccer fans. Bad North is a game that welcomes hardcore strategy genre players as well as newcomers. Strange Brigade is a third-person action adventure about stopping a powerful witch queen. Shikhondo – Soul Eater is a bullet hell shoot-em-up that takes place in Asian mythology. Last but not least we have The Golf Club 2019 Feat. the PGA Tour which one would expect is a game all about golf.

Splash Blast Panic, a fun, competitive multiplayer game that takes the combat of games like Super Smash Bros and replaces all the weaponry with water guns. Be ready to shoot and dodge as you fight to knock your opponent to the outside of the screen, but be mindful as they try and do the same to you. Splash Blast Panic is available now on Xbox One and currently on sale for $13.49.

Welcome to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. The Soccer game for both hardcore and casual Soccer enthusiasts. The game features a variety of licensed leagues, a manager mode. There is much-improved design around player movements, animations and control. Best of all the game features stadiums that are almost real with the power of photo realization. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is available now on Xbox One for $59.99.

Welcome to island defense at its best. Bad North tasks you with commanding soldiers across procedurally generated islands. Your mission is to stop Viking invaders that killed the king from gaining ground.  The tactical strategy has you learning both the strong and weak points of each islands shape. Fight blood for blood against brutal backdrops as you fight to ensure your survival. Bad North is available now on Xbox One for $14.99.

Developed by Rebellion, the same team that brought you the Sniper Elite Quadrilogy and the Zombie Army Trilogy. Strange Brigade is a new unique third-person action adventure game that will have you solving puzzles and seeking out rare treasures. Best of all though, the game tasks you to stop an evil witch queen and her army of mummies. You heard right, mummies! Apparently, she doesn’t have a single daddy. Strange Brigade is Xbox One X Enhanced and is available now on Xbox One for $49.99.

Welcome to an Asian mythology inspired world that you’re about to riddle with bullet-hell in this shoot ’em up! Go against the Yokai demons in Arcade, Hardcore, and local co-op and stop them from moving across the land stealing the souls of those they cast fear on. It’s time to gun up or shut up! Shikhondo: Soul Eater is available now on Xbox One for $13.99.

The Golf Club 2019 feat. the PGA Tour is a game all about golfing as you might expect, but this time it’s taken a step further. The PGA tour is now included in the game, so this time the FedexCup is up for grabs, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Engage in high swing action across many courses such as the TPC Boston, TPC Sawgrass and plenty more. The Golf Club 2019 feat. the PGA Tour is available now on Xbox One for $49.99.