Trials Fusion Fire in the Deep

Greetings everyone. Big Trials Fusion fans may already know this but for the people who might not have played recently or might have bought Trials Fusion during the sale in December and haven’t started it yet, Trials Fusion has added multiplayer support to its game. Not only that, the 4th DLC, Fire in the Deep, is now available for season pass holders or individual purchase. Six DLCs have been planned for the season pass which will culminate by March 2015. Fire in the Deep marks the 4th content that has been released.

Multiplayer detail:

* Online X-Supercross mode: Up to eight players on Xbox One and four players on Xbox 360 compete on three random tracks with the winner being the one with the highest score.
* Private games: Players can choose which track to race on and choose different alternate settings such as gravity, bike speed and bike control.
* Spectator mode: Players can be invited in to watch the action unfold.
* Leaderboards: Global leaderboards will keep track of Online X-Supercross times earned from its players.

Details are heating up, check out the details for Fire in the Deep after the jump.

Trials Fusion Fire in the Deep 2

Fire in the Deep contains 11 new tracks, 5 new achievements, and 27 new track challenges and new editor objects. This DLC is sure to bring challenging tracks for most riders.

Trials Fusion is available for purchase for $19.99 and its season pass is available for $19.99 for six extra pieces of content.