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Volt Droppers, Aerials, Machine Guns, Biped Legs, Engineering Chassis

Double Fine’s quick tips


Map layout:

  • Defend Woodruff
  • Massive Tube Assault

Recommended Trench loadout

  • Luck

XBLAFans gold medal advice

XBLAFans Recommended Loadout

  • Karlsson Chassis
  • Machine Guns (some w/ flak, not all)
  • Sprint Legs
  • Machine Gun & Dampener Emplacements

This level, although long, is rather simple if taken on correctly. Having the correct loadout is key: a few machine guns, a shotgun or two and a sniper rifle work great. A machine gun or flak gun turret is a necessity as part of your equipment. We highly suggest using the machine gun turrets over flak, as they will help with both ground and air units. Using dampeners is also largely important to succeeding here to keep ground units from combining their attacks with the aerials; taking out aerials before having to worry about ground units will be crucial on some waves.

Make sure you have at least two machine gun turrets or flak turrets on each side of the base as soon as possible. Once you have two on both sides, start placing as many as you can around the base on the inside of the little walls, once there is no more room, it is time to upgrade. The main tunnels to focus on are B and C; C is where the majority of the tubes will come from, while Arty and Snipe Tuners come out of B, both of which can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. The number one constant threat through out this whole level is Aerial attacks, if you make sure to disperse of them first (and quickly), you should have no real issues with much of the rest. Keep placing Dampeners (don’t bother upgrading them) to ensure Burst Transmitters don’t touch your anti-air focused turrets. Watch for “Resistor” waves, as most of them have Jacobs and will walk right into your base if not taken care of swiftly; our advice is to snipe them at their conduits.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: C: Resistors

Wave 2: C: Breakers D: Breakers

Wave 3: C: Jacobs w/ Resistors D: Jacobs w/ Resistors

Wave 4: C: Resistors; A: Blitzers

Wave 5: C: Big Willie; C: Burst Transmitters

Wave 6: C: Aerials

Wave 7: A: Aerials C: Aerials D: Aerials

Wave 8: B: Aerials C: Jacobs w/ Breakers

Wave 9: Worms (gas); C: Burst Transmitters D: Aerial

Wave 10: A: Volt Dropper; C: Aerials

Wave 11: B: Snipe Tuners; A: Tommys

Wave 12: A: Jacobs with Burst Transmitters A: Burst Transmitter

Wave 13: A: Tommys C: Aerials D: Aerials

Wave 14: Worms (attack); B: Jacobs with Snipe Tuners; C: Jacobs with Resistors

Wave 15: B: Arty; A: Blitzers

Wave 16: C: Burst Transmitters; A: Tommys; D: Breakers

Wave 17: A: Jacobs with Resistors C: Aerials D: Aerials

Wave 18: C: Burst Transmitters; A: Blitzers C: Tommys

Wave 19: B: Snipe Tuners C: Burst Transmitters D: Jacobs with Resistors

Wave 20: A: Volt Dropper; C: Aerials; B: Arty; A: Big Willie C: Resistors D: Blitzers; A: Tommys D: Big Willie

Dos and don’ts



  • put anti-air emplacements up on both sides (C first) immediately
  • remove all Jacobs as early as possible
  • use dampeners to spread out attack force
  • bring in the best weaponry/emplacements to this battle


  • ignore the snipe tuners
  • wait for enemies to show up at the base
  • let Artys live; a full-weapon salvo should take them out

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