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Arty, Sniper Cannons

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout

  • Defend three sections of the Ship
  • Artillery Tubes detected
  • Protect the perimeter

Recommended Trench loadout

  • Long Range Weapons

XBLAFans gold medal advice

XBLAFans recommended loadout

  • Karlsson Chassis
  • Deadly Rain Artillery Cannon
  • Machine Guns
  • Quickload/Sprinting Legs

Ah, another symmetrical mission, how they are so fun and manageable. So for Drydock, it’s important to focus the early emplacement game on the A and D conduits. Setup two machine gun turrets, followed by dampeners. Having the Karlsson means a expensive emplacements, so for the first half of the game the trench will be defending the center. The Deadly Rain artillery cannon has MIRV, which means it’ll drop grenades as it flies through the air. That means arc it high and predict the path of the tubes to get the most out of this cannon; efficient use of the Deadly Rain will result in easy victory here on Drydock.

After placing your MG turrets and dampeners on each side, place two MG turrets on the small square corners of each side platform (right in front of the ramp) so they can cover the mid and the sides at the same time. Lastly will go a dampener in the center where B and C converge followed by an MG turret behind it. There’s a good chance your dampeners will be destroyed periodically by burst transmitters, so watch them and upgrade the left and right-most MG turrets, then work your way to the middle. This mission’s pretty easy as long as you keep the sides secure and don’t let Arty’s shell the ship.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: B and C Tommys

Wave 2: A Resistors followed by C Resistors

Wave 3: B Resistors the D Resistors

Wave 4: A Knobs, B Tommys

Wave 5: Blitzers on B and C then Blitzers on A with Resistors

Wave 6: A Burst Transmitter, Resistors on B

Wave 7: C Resistors D Burst Transmitters

Wave 8: B Resistors with Jacob, C Resistors with Jacob

Wave 9: Arty on C

Wave 10: D Tommys then A Tommys

Wave 11: C Resistors with Jacob, then B Resistors with Jacob

Wave 12: D Resistors D Knobs followed by A Resistors and Knobs

Wave 13: C Resistors B Tommys, C Resistors with Burst Transmitters

Wave 14: C Blitzers and Arty B Arty and Blitzers

Wave 15: C Resistors with Jacob A Resistors A Tommys

Wave 16: D Bertha, followed by A Bertha

Wave 17: C Arty, A Tommys, B Jacobs and Blitzers, C Jacobs and Blitzers followed by B Arty

Dos and don’ts



  • hold the center down with your trench
  • keep the side emplacements upgraded as the game goes on
  • fire artillery early in waves to weaken incoming hordes


  • let burst transmitters destroy your large investments
  • quickload too often
  • have MG turrets with no dampeners

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