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Breakers, Mortar Turrets, Grenade Launchers

Double Fine’s quick tips


Map layout

  • Defend the Train Station
  • Heavy Attacks from the city
  • Aerial attacks from the water
  • Sneak attacks from the tunnel

Recommended trench loadout

  • Engineering or Assault Chassis
  • Explosive Weapons

XBLAFans gold medal advice

Trainyard can be completed in multiple ways. The only requirement is that players will need to bring flak turrets or flak machine guns to take care of the aerial attacks from B and C, however there will be no aerials until wave 7 so focus your emplacements elsewhere. Other than that, using Mortars to take care of D or using grenade launchers work fine, and shotgun turrets and machine guns will make easy work of A. Use shotgun turrets at the exits of D and A combined with dampening emplacements for safety, and setup two flak turrets in the center.

If you’re using an assault chassis, you’ll have less options here, and it’s strongly recommended you bring machine gun turrets to deal with both land and air enemies; for the engineering chassis, be sure to make up for the lack of support emplacements with mortar turrets. Despite Double Fine’s tips, we recommend just sticking with the Woodruff. Manage each side, using grenade launchers to take down Breakers and other crowded up fodder and machine guns to clear the skies and this will be an easy gold.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: Spawn D: Breakers

Wave 2: Spawn D: Resistors

Wave 3: Spawn D: Breakers

Wave 4: Spawn A: Resistors

Wave 5: Spawn D: Breakers; Spawn D: Tommys

Wave 6: Spawn A: Resistors; Spawn D: Tommys

Wave 7: Spawn B: Aerials; Spawn C: Aerials

Wave 8: Spawn A: Blitzers then Spawn A: Blitzers; Spawn A: Resistors

Wave 9: Spawn D Big Willie then Spawn A: Breakers

Wave 10: Spawn B: Aerials; Spawn C: Aerials

Wave 11: Spawn A: Aerials; Spawn B: Aerials; Spawn C: Aerials; Spawn D: Aerials

Wave 12: Spawn D: Breakers; Spawn D: Blitzers

Wave 13: Spawn D: Blitzers then Spawn C: Aerials; Spawn D: Aerials; Spawn A Blitzers

Wave 14: Spawn D: Tommys; Spawn A: Resistors

Wave 15: Spawn A: Breakers; Spawn D: Blitzers; Spawn D: Big Willie then Spawn B: Aerials; Spawn C: Aerials; Spawn D: Breakers

Dos and don’ts



  • use the grenade launcher frequently
  • watch for aerials halfway through the mission
  • apply dampeners to stop blitzers


  • stray deep into A or D
  • waste bullets on breakers

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