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Burst Transmitters, Mine Layers

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout

  • Defend two key structures
  • Frequent gas attacks
  • Protect your emplacements

Recommended trench loadout

  • Mine Layer
  • Sprinting Biped Legs

XBLAFans gold medal advice

XBLAFans recommended layout

  • Engineering Chassis (Honeychurch recommended, purchase at store if available)
  • Mine Layer emplacement, Shotgun emplacement
  • Sprinting Legs
  • Machine Guns

Getting gold

The Refinery is fairly simple as all four paths can be watched by the player at the same time. This level introduces Burst Transmitters that will destroy non-camouflaged emplacements. The level also features gas attacks that will limit player and emplacement vision. We recommend using the dampening generator-shotgun turret combo at A and D close to the bases but not within the Tommy’s range to practically guarantee its safety. Clean up with your guns if there are too many. No enemies will spawn at A or D until wave 8, but there will be a ton of Tommys at ?A on that wave so be prepared by then.

In the meantime, your focus should be on B and C. Burst transmitters will be a constant nuisance, if you can afford it you’ll want two mine layers on each side followed with another shotgun-dampener combo. Ideally, from the conduit you’ll want a mine layer, then a dampener, then another mine layer, then a shotgun turret. This ensures your shotgun’s protection as the Burst Transmitters will take their time removing the dampener first. Upgrade the mine layers enough and the shotgun turret will hardly even be used. Use collection prongs to pick up scrap as you likely won’t have time to get from A to D constantly. Make sure to take out the gas worms quickly so no tubes sneak past your defenses or worse, destroy them.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: Spawn C: Resistors

Wave 2: Spawn B: Resistors

Wave 3: Spawn B: Burst Transmitters; Spawn C: Burst Transmitters

Wave 4: Spawn C: Tommys then Spawn B Tommys

Wave 5: Gas; Spawn B: Resistors; Spawn C Resistors

Wave 6: Spawn B: Burst Transmitters; Spawn C: Burst Transmitters

Wave 7: Spawn B: Big Willie then Spawn C: Big Willie

Wave 8: Spawn A: Tommys; Spawn A: Tommys; Spawn A: Tommys

Wave 9: Spawn B Tommys; Spawn C: Tommys; Gas then Spawn A: Blitzers

Wave 10: Spawn D: Tommys; Spawn D: Tommys; Spawn D: Tommys

Wave 11: Spawn B: Burst Transmitters; Spawn C: Burst Transmitters then Spawn D: Tommys; Spawn A: Resistors

Wave 12: Spawn B: Resistors; Spawn C: Resistors then Spawn B: Tommys; Spawn C: Tommys; Spawn A Blitzers

Wave 13: Gas; Spawn B: Burst Transmitters; Spawn C: Burst Transmitters

Wave 14: Spawn A: Tommys then Spawn C: Tommys then Spawn B Tommys

Wave 15: Spawn B: Burst Transmitters; Spawn C: Burst Transmitters then Spawn B: Big Willie; Spawn C: Big Willie; Spawn A: Tommys; Spawn D: Tommys

Dos and don’ts



  • use mine layers if you have an engineering chassis
  • thoroughly cover A and D
  • stop burst transmitters ASAP


  • let Big Willie destroy your emplacements if not using mine layers
  • leave the gas worms alone

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