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Big Willie, Sniper Cannons

Double Fine’s quick tips


Map layout

  • Defend the Ship
  • Standard ground assault

Recommended trench loadout

  • Sniper Cannon

XBLA Fans gold medal advice


Getting Gold:

The Beach is the first level in the game, and is extremely simple to complete. We advise dampening generators and shotgun turrets. The majority of enemies will come from Spawn B. Put the shotgun turrets on each end of the wall (as instructed) and use dampening emplacements to ensure their efficacy. Putting a shotgun turret near the objective is helpful, but this mission is so easy it’s hardly necessary. Deal with tubes efficiently and watch for Big Willie at the end to ensure gold victory.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: Spawn B: Tommys

Wave 2: Spawn B: Resistors

Wave 3: Spawn C: Resistors

Wave 4: Spawn B: Tommys

Wave 5: Spawn B: Resistors

Wave 6: Spawn B: Blitzers; Spawn A: Blitzers

Wave 7: Spawn A: Tommys; Spawn B: Resistors

Wave 8: Spawn B: Resistors; Spawn B: Blitzers

Wave 9: Spawn A: Tommy Spawn B: Resistors

Wave 10: Spawn A: Tommys; Spawn B: Blitzers

Wave 11: Spawn A: Resistors; Spawn C: Blitzers

Wave 12: Spawn B: Big Willie

Dos and don’ts



  • upgrade your shotgun turrets
  • make good use of your sniper cannon


  • let C enemies sneak by

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