Featured in this guide

Aerials, Volt Dropper, Flak Machine Guns, Flak Turrets

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout

  • Defend the Airfield
  • High density of aerial threats
  • Erratic weather system

Recommended trench loadout

  • Flak Weapons

XBLAFans gold medal advice

Airfield introduces aerial enemies which make up the bulk of the challenge here. Put up flak turrets on the left and right raised platforms as well as one in the center near the base and supplement them with shotgun turrets to deal with A and C land-tubes. If pressed, always deal with aerials first, then A, then anything else. Use dampeners for C to stop blitzers from raining on your parade. Lastly, avoid the electromagnetic lightning death cannon attack by watching for the static swirls on the ground. Keep the flak turrets upgraded and this mission will be a breeze.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: Spawn B: Aerials

Wave 2: Spawn D: Resistors

Wave 3: Spawn C: Aerials

Wave 4: Spawn A: Aerials; Spawn D: Aerials

Wave 5: Spawn B: Aerials; Spawn C: Blitzers

Wave 6: Spawn C: Tommys; Spawn D: Resistors

Lightning strikes

Wave 7: Spawn A: Resistors; Spawn B: Aerials

Wave 8: Spawn B: Aerials then Spawn D: Aerials

Wave 9: Spawn A: Resistors; Spawn C: Aerials

Wave 10: Spawn B: Aerials; Spawn D: Resistors

Wave 11: Spawn C: Blitzers; Spawn D: Blitzers; Spawn A: Aerials; Spawn B: Blitzers

Wave 12: Spawn A: Resistors; Spawn C: Tommys

Lightning strikes

Wave 13: Spawn C: Aerials; Spawn D: Aerials; Spawn B: Aerials

Wave 14: Spawn C: Volt Dropper

Dos and don’ts



  • keep your flak turrets upgraded
  • use dampeners to separate land from air


  • let A Resistors sneak by
  • get caught by C Blitzers

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