Miserable Pile of Soviets:Earn a 100 times combo.
There are several waves of just Infantry, any one will suffice, but wave 3 seems to work best. Upgrade a Machine Gun turret to level II or III, take control and gun them down as the bottleneck down the stairway.


Spared No Expense: Upgrade 10 times
Just upgrade your turrets a total of 10 times, upgrades will be counted throughout the whole stage across all turrets. If you do not receive this from normal play, then build, upgrade and sell; rinse and repeat until decoration awarded.


  • Vehicle management should be the most important part of your strategy
  • A Machine Gun turret level II or II by each Toy Box will keep all Infantry out.
  • A minimum of two Artillery cannons is suggested, although four doesn’t hurt.
  • Don’t be afraid to abandon a vehicle to repair or upgrade a turret or to grab a more effective one, there are five total, you will always have a back up.

Boss Tips:

  • The IFV is the most effective vehicle against Project R.I.S.E.
  • Keep a constant eye out for ground and air units that Project R.I.S.E. will deploy.
  • Any turrets you have deployed will be directly attacked by Project R.I.S.E., it is best to just let them be destroyed, rebuilding will only prove to be a waste of time and money.
  • Be prepared to switch between the three aerial vehicles quickly, with that in mind make sure to lock and load missiles and rockets as fast as possible to make there shorter lived time still effective.


Spawn Locations:The perspective we will be looking at the map from is from directly in front of the Washington Monument looking at the Lincoln Memorial.

  • TB1 – This Toy Box ix located just just the left
  • TB2 – This Toy Box is located just to the right
  • S1 – Spawn 1 is located directly to the left of the Lincoln Memorial
  • S2 – Spawn 2 is located directly to the right of the Lincoln Memorial
  • S3 – Spawn 3 is to the left side behind Toy Box 1
  • S4 – Spawn 4 is to the right side behind Toy Box 2
  • WH – The White House
  • RP – Reflecting Pool
  • RPL – Left side of the reflecting pool
  • RPR – Right side of the reflecting pool
  • LM – Lincoln Memorial

Wave 1
Air Drop Planes – 6 [infantry] Infantry – 60 (RPL)

Wave 2
Air Drop Planes – 6 [infantry] Infantry – 60 (RPR)

Wave 3
Infantry – 90 (LM)

Wave 4
Air Drop Planes – 4
Medium Tanks – 8 (RPL, RPR)

Wave 5
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle – 1 (S2)
Heavy Tanks – 4 (S1)

Wave 6
Attack Fighters – 6 (LM)

Wave 7
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle – 1 (S1)
Heavy Tanks – 4 (S2)

Wave 8
Attack Helos – 3 (LM)

Wave 9
Helo Gunships – 4 (S2) [infantry] Infantry – 48 (RP)

Wave 10
Attack Helo – 4 (S1)

Wave 11
Heavy Tanks – 6 (S3, S4)
Helo Gunships – 4 (S1) [infantry] Infantry – 48 (RP)

Wave 12
Attack Fighters – 6 (LM)

Wave 13
IFV – 8 (S1, S2, S3, S4)
Infantry – 64 (RPL, RPR, TB1, TB2)

Wave 14
Screw Tanks – 10 (S1, S2)

Wave 15
Screw Tanks – 12 (S1, S2)

Wave 16
Anti-Aircraft Vehicles – 2 (S3)

Wave 17
Anit-Aircraft Vehicles – 2 (S2)

Wave 18
Helo Gunships – 15 (LM)

Wave 19
Super-Heavy Tank – 2 (S1, S2)

Boss Battle: Project R.I.S.E.

Stage 1

Stage 2
Heavy Tanks

Stage 3
Helo Gunships